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There are four key factors you should consider before you build a pole barn.  If you keep these things in mind, your pole barn plans should come together quickly, easily, and successfully.

First you need to consider the environment in which you will be building.  For instance, is the area predominantly humid with lots of rain?  If so, wood may not be the best material for construction, as it could rot.  On the other hand, if you use metal for construction, that could rust, so perhaps stainless steel is a more viable option for you

to use.  Then again, if you are building in a humid coastal area where the building will be exposed to sea salt, that will corrode metal faster than it can rot wood, so wood would be the better choice there.

You also need to consider what you plan to store in the building after it is constructed as you make your pole barn plans.  For instance, if you'll be storing lots of tools,
mechanical devices, and the like, metal may be the best choice because it can help insulate the items inside against lightning.  But if you will use the building to house animals, then lightning hitting metal could injure the animals inside, so wood would be a much better option.  So, too, if you are using the building to house hazardous chemicals.  Cleaning supplies, fuels, fertilizers, and other chemicals can be flammable and you would not want a metal building to become a lightning conductor that could set the whole thing aflame.  In this case, wood is definitely the better option.

Although this may sound odd, you need to think about security as you finalize your pole barn plans, as well.  Thieves will invariably choose one of two options if they want to break into your building; breaking through the wall structure itself or breaking in via the lock mechanism on the building.  If someone is going to break in by smashing the lock, construction materials won't make a difference.  But if someone wants to break in through the walls, then it definitely will.  Tin snips can easily cut through sheet metal while wood will be more difficult to chop through.  Of course, if the thief is more intent on destroying your building and everything in it than just gaining access, this won't matter a whole lot one way or the other.

Finally, as you look at pole barn plans and designs, you will want to think about the aesthetic appearance of the building.  Do you want it to look a particular way?  If you are way out in the woods and the building is purely functional, whether you build it with wood or metal probably won't matter much.  But if you want to place it near your country home or in an urban setting, then you may want to consider wood because it looks more traditional and you can also decorate it more easily.  On the down side, it does require more upkeep.  Metal rusts, but it also holds the paint longer and doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance to keep it looking good.

If you keep these factors in mind when designing your pole barn and selecting pole barn plans, you'll create a building that will last for years for your intended purposes.

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The Four Foundations To Building A Better Pole Barn

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